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Spring Clean-up in Dallas, TX

Spring Preparation - The main purpose of spring lawn preparation is to get through the summer. Proper mowing, fertilizing, weed control, pest control, seeding, aeration and dethatching.

Land Reclamation - Overgrown brush and weed elimination, we cutaway and remove unwanted brush and reclaim your property for landscaping and lawn growing. Our crews will pick up yard waste, limbs, branches and put nature in order. There are many things to do before serious gardening weather arrives.

Trims - Shrubbery, bushes and decorative plants need trimming to promote growth and to maintain proper shape. We expertly trim, and remove all trimmings.

Dethatching - Dethatching removes dead organic material that starves your lawn of moisture and nutrients. Early Spring and Autumn are great time to de-thatch your lawn.

Fertilization - Every lawn is affected by soil condition, site location, climate. Your lawn is different and requires attention to determine how much fertilizer your lawn needs, when it should be applied and what kind will get the best results for your particular type of grass.

Edge Cutting - By making a neat edge between the lawn and your paths, sidewalks and flower gardens - your lawn better.